These 10 Vintage Advertisements Would Never Fly Today!

At the time ads like these seemed totally normal to us.

The advertisements of the old days frequently noted the difference between men and women. Little girls were valued for being pretty. Cleaning products were marketed exclusively towards the fairer sex. Back then we didn’t think anything of it, but these ads would never fly today!

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In 1967 you could target an ad directly at housewives- and even call them that! But, to be fair, this ad does give credit to the many jobs a housewife has to do!

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This 1951 ad doesn’t show any girls toys that aren’t related to house cleaning and child-rearing.

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Nothing better than a new iron for mom so she can iron our clothes better!

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In this 1959 refrigerator ad at least she’s the queen!

There was a time when women were judged harshly by their husbands for little things like how the coffee was made!

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