10 Charming Toys From The Past That You Never See Anymore. How Many Do You Remember?

If you’ve never heard of a Frozen Charlotte doll or a phenakistoscope then you’re in for some schooling!

You won’t find these vintage and antique toys on store shelves today. You’d be lucky to find them at an auction or an antique shop actually. These are the toys that time forgot, but a few collectors here and there are hip to these by gone toys from other eras.

1) Big Little Books

The Depression era books were inexpensive and small books which packed a lot of pages, making them a good value and popular with parents and children alike.

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2) Frozen Charlotte Dolls

This china toy gets its name from an 1840s poem (and later a folk song) about a girl who goes a-courtin’ on a winter sleigh ride and ignores her mother’s pleads to take an extra blanket. The girl, named Charlotte, freezes to death. The little china dolls which bear her name were sometimes sold with tiny coffins which the doll would fit perfectly inside. The dolls were also sometimes baked into cakes and sweets for children to find.

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3) Junior Telegraph Set

Once upon a time these types of kits were among the many science and practical toys that flooded the market in the first half of the 20th century. You won’t find anything like at the toy store thee days!

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4) Cork Rifle

Also known as pop guns, these cork-shooters were quite popular in the ’50s and ’60s!

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5) Child’s 78 Record Player

It’s been a long time since adults regularly played 78s, let alone children! But, just look how sweet this little 78 player is.

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