9 of the Most Valuable Items of Vintage Clothing

Do you have any of these items in your collection?

Not all vintage clothes are in demand and fads go in and out of favor. But, there are some vintage clothing and accessories that seem to always sell well. And, because they are perennial favorites, the prices for these items can soar pretty high depending on the size, condition, and area. Because of their popularity these beloved items are more rare which can drive the price up – good news if you’ve just found a trunk of old clothes in your attic!

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9) Mid-century Day Dresses

Partially because so many of them did not survive, these dresses are becoming harder to find in vintage stores. Consequently, a simple day dress from the 1940s-50s can cost $75-$150or more.

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8) Cowboy Hats

Vintage cowboy hats in good condition can often fetch around $50-$150 in vintage shops. Missing bands or sweat stains can negatively affect the price, though.

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7) Lucite Handbags

These bags can be fragile, which makes them all the more precious to collectors. These nifty vintage handbags often sell for $50-$100 but can go as high as $300 each!

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6) Jazz Era Beaded Dresses

A designer dress of this style and age could be worth thousands of dollars, but even unlabeled or lesser known beaded dresses from the era can command hundreds of dollars each depending on the condition and sizing.

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