Every era has a different feel and smell. In our school days, the smells of chalk dust and library books were a real part of our education. Classrooms today have changed so much since we were in school. A few things we wouldn’t miss, but others are a part of our memories in big ways, even the little things! Here a few of the things we did in school that simply aren’t a part of most children’s days now.

12) Learning Baton Twirling

This is still taught at some schools, but it’s not nearly as common. Most girls who learn baton today do so through a private gymnastics studio. This art form/sport was once incredibly common at band performances, school games, and representing the school in parades. It’s a sport on the decline now due to fewer chances to learn it, but also due to the large number of activities available to girls these days. It’s great that girls now have so many choices, but man do we miss those sequined majorette costumes!

Via/Library of Congress

11) Morning Prayer

Sometimes it was a prayer the school had picked out, other times it was one the teacher loved (or made up on the spot). We remember starting each morning like this when we were in school. This was especially true if you went to Catholic school. There’s more freedom to be yourself these days and we love this! But, we won’t ever forget this part of the school day.

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10) Learning Cursive

Nearly as controversial as prayer in school is the teaching of cursive. Today, cursive is a mystery to many kids! Most kids will not be given the opportunity to learn cursive. There are even young adults who only know how to print because as soon as computers came into schools, handwriting took a downturn. You hear arguments that it’s not worth it in today’s digital world to spend the time to learn. And, boy, did it take a lot of effort! But, we think it was worth it and it’s sad that future generations won’t know how to write or read cursive.

Via/Library of Congress