9) Learning How to Tell Time on an Analog Clock

This one is pretty basic, but many kids will not be taught this in school these days! It was a big part of the early grades back in the day. Not learning about clocks was simply not an option back then. But, with everything digital, many people only wear watches as jewelry now, too. We’ll never forget the tick of that big clock on the wall on the last hour of a beautiful day outside, too!

Via/Library of Congress

8) Library Due Date Stamps

When you went to the library and approached the librarian at the desk, she would dilligently stamp the card in the back of the book and maybe even remind you when it was due back in a scolding tone. If it was a well-loved book then the card would be almost full and you could see all the dates and wonder about who had it before you. While barcodes are the most common way to check out books today, we loved all the crazy stamps in different colors!


7) Card Catalog

And, while you were at the library if you wanted to look something up you did it at the card catalogue. you had to learn the Dewey Decimal System and be able to find things relatively quickly if you wanted that report done in any kind of timely manner. Those old card catalogue cabinets fetch a pretty penny today!

Via/Library of Congress

6)Brown Paper Bag Lunch

We know some kids still take these to school, but they are not nearly as common. We didn’t have any fancy lunch boxes, so it was a brown paper bag anytime Mom made a pack lunch (or that one time it was a bread bag!). That familiar rustle in the cafeteria at lunch time mingled with the endless chatter is hard to forget.

Via/Library of Congress