11 Stunning Photos Of Ansel Adams’ American West

Here are 11 of our favorites from his photo series…

In 1941, famed photographer Ansel Adams spent months photographing the amazing landscapes of the American West. Here are 11 of our favorites from his photo series…

“The Tetons – Snake River,” Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Ansel Adams, 1941

Looking across barren land to mountains, “From Logan Pass, Glacier National Park,” Montana.

Ansel Adams, 1941

View of valley from mountain, “Canyon de Chelly” National Monument, Arizona.

View at timberline, dark foreground, light snow capped mountain, gray sky, “Rocky Mountain National Park. Never Summer Range,”Colorado.

Roadway, low horizon, mountains, clouded sky, “Near (Grand) Teton National Park.”

Trees in foreground, snow covered mountain in background, “Long’s Peak from North, Rocky Mountain National Park,” Colorado.

Looking across rows of corn, cliff in background, “Corn Field, Indian Farm near Tuba City, Arizona, in Rain, 1941.”

River in foreground, trees behind, “Firehold River, Yellowstone National Park,” Wyoming.

Barren tree trunks rising from water in foreground, stream rising from mountains in background, “Roaring Mountain, Yellowstone National Park,” Wyoming.

“Fountain Geyser Pool, Yellowstone National Park,” Wyoming

Taken at dusk or dawn from various angles during eruption. “Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park,” Wyoming.

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