Beautiful Photos Show 75 Years of Weddings, And How Much Things Have Changed!


This soldier’s wedding photo is classic 1940s! The bride has a less-formal peplum dress and a classic string of pearls.


The more bridesmaids the better! All in lace, this army of attendants makes this photo a special one. Crinoline and flowers abound in this perfectly 1950s wedding party.


1960 Wedding

Via/ Flickr

The cat eye glasses, New Look silhouette, and full lace sleeves give a hint of 1950s, while the groom’s suit and skinny white tie also hint a the glamor of the previous decade.


1964 Wedding

Via/ Flickr

Now we’re moving forward. Flip hairdos and simple lines are what typify the 1960s! Pillboxes were all the rage and even the bridesmaids have them here! The tuxes the men are wearing have the look of the type worn by 007 or any one of the Rat Pack.


1971 Wedding

Via/ Flickr

Long but with an a-line shape, the bride’s gown here has some modern lace touches. We just love the family in the photo, too! Those pink dresses were the most!


1975 Wedding

Via/ Flickr

The blue tuxedos, peasant style wedding dress, and Wednesday Addams bridesmaid dress let us know we are quite firmly in the 1970s. If this photo doesn’t sum up the decade we don’t know what does. Such a great image!

All these young people: they had their families behind them and their futures in front of them. Each dress and pose has a story behind it, from war brides to young hipsters, we love all these old wedding photographs! It’s fun to see how the styles have changed over the years and to know that whatever you wore on your wedding day will probably come back into style at some point again!

What did your wedding look like? Let us know in the comments.

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