15 Odd Things People Have Collected

They may just spark some interest of your own.

Most people have a hobby and some people have multiple hobbies. In the midst of it all, they likely have a collection that they have been gathering for quite some time, perhaps even for decades. It differs from one person to another but it is something that is important to anyone who is a collector.

Although we often appreciate our own collections, we don’t often get the opportunity to appreciate those that others may have. The following 15 collections are not only interesting, they may just spark some interest of your own.

1. Quarter Art

A year ago, I started staying in and peircing state quarters, instead of going out and getting in trouble. Here is my collection so far. from r/pics

2. Monopoly Collection

My girlfriend cleaning her monopoly collection from r/pics

3. Antique Marbles

Marble collection from the 1800s. All made from polished semi-precious stones. from r/mildlyinteresting

4. Four Leaf Clovers

My four-leaf-clover collection (plus a couple five-leafers in the middle). from r/mildlyinteresting

5. Perfectly Round Rocks

Perfectly round rocks found on the beach. Bonus: egg rock, triangle, and taco rock. from r/interestingasfuck

6. Sand From Around The World

My mom collects sand from beaches all over the world… from r/pics

7. Shark Teeth

My Shark Tooth Collection from r/mildlyinteresting

8. ‘Ugly’ Golf Balls

My (87yo) father’s “ugly” golf ball collection from r/mildlyinteresting

9. Bowling Balls

Over the past 15 years my dad collected 1,785 bowling balls and built a giant Bowling Ball Pyramid from r/pics

10. Birdhouses

My grandma with her birdhouse collection from r/mildlyinteresting

11. Rubber Ducks

The Airbnb that I’m staying in has a collection of rubber ducks in the bathroom wall from r/mildlyinteresting

12. LEGO Shields

My 100% complete collection of every LEGO shield ever made from r/mildlyinteresting

13. Arrowheads

Some of my favorite arrowheads. Amazing little pieces of history collected on our private property in southern Arizona. from r/interestingasfuck

14. Gameboy Games

This is my Gameboy mosaic made out of Gameboy games! Note: No games were harmed and all are removable and playable! from r/gaming

15. Old Pencils

My copy editor father’s collection of worn down pencils. from r/mildlyinteresting

Do you have any unique collections? We’d love to hear about them!