Ukrainian Mountain Weavers Want To Keep Their Family Tradition Going During Difficult Times

Despite the war raging on around them, the Hutsel women carry on with their craft.

If you were given the opportunity to check almost any area, you would find that they have something unique to offer. The same is also true of the Western Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains.

That mountain region is home to a group of Hutsel women who are very dedicated to their craft.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

They are master weavers, and they can make the most beautiful blankets, pillows, rugs, and clothing.

The cloth is made from wool they sheer directly from sheep. It’s an art that creates some truly beautiful items, and it’s something that deserves to continue going, even during a time of war.

Photo: YouTube/Business Insider

In an interview with Business Insider, Natalya talks about how the tradition has gone on for generations and regardless of whether they are at war or peace, the tradition continues to live.

She shows how the wool is sheared from the sheep and cleaned, and then how she makes the strands bright. You can then watch her spin the wool and make the most beautiful designs from what she is waving.

Photo: YouTube/Business Insider

Some of these items will stay in Ukraine but it is also possible to purchase others through their Etsy shop.

Check out the video below: