Top Tips To Help On Your Quest For Antiques

The search for that special antique can be both fun and exciting, but a lot of times it can also be tiring…especially if you’re not prepared ahead of time. We’ve made the mistake before of not being specific enough with ourselves about what we were searching for, or finding what we thought was the perfect item, only to find out it was a really good copy and we just didn’t recognize the signs, but we’ve learned from those mistakes and hope to share some of our tips with you! It turns out, oneof the best things to keep in mind is: RADAR. That’s right R-rarity; A-aesthetics; D-desirability; A-authenticity; R-really good condition. The folks over at Dummiescan explain in more detail, but as long as you do your research ahead of time and remember that, you’re good to go!

from: Thomas Schuppert: “Nearly all automobiles came with a pair of kerosene cowl lamps up until the early 1920s. Some examples were of an elegant styling. They were removable if the driver chose not to use them. They weren’t intended to light the way as headlights do, but served as marker lights to be seen by other drivers in low light conditions.”

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