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The Top 10 Antique Sewing Collectibles on the Market Today

We’ve all been there: searching through a flea market stall or Grandma’s attic heaped with sewing supplies from another era. Old trims, broken items, thread on wooden spools and dusty pin cushions abound. Most people assume that these items have little to no value, but that’s simply not true! While many sewing items are not valued today, there are others which consistently sell well across the board and we’re here to help you figure out if you have any of the these treasures in your old sewing box! Here are the 10 most valuable antique and vintage sewing items for collectors.

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10) Antique Thimbles

We’re not talking just any old thimble. Collectible thimbles, sometimes sold as souvenirs or keepsakes, and modern thimbles are not what we’re talking about here. They may be a cute collection, but for real value antique thimbles are where it’s at.

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Thimbles in sterling silver or bronze, even gold, were quite popular in the Georgian and Victorian eras for women who could afford them. Today they can sell for $20 to more than $1,000, with value soaring if they happen to be part of a set.

9) Victorian Pincushions

Like many things about the Victorian era, their pin cushions were often well and beyond functional. Cast silver bases in various fun shapes, like animals, carriages, or shoes, were topped with fine velvet cushions. Carved wood, metal filigree and cushions adapted for chatelaines were also very popular.

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Today these pincushions have a wide range in price, particularly since the cushion part tends to be replaced or missing after more than a century! Still, these ornate sewing collectibles can sell today for between $30 and $250 or more at the high end. Particularly striking examples in a sterling silver can sell for up to $2,000.

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