Viral Video Claims The Titanic Never Actually Sank

A young girl is making a splash on social media for her conspiracy theorist ideas.

If there is one thing that social media has brought to us, it’s the ability for anyone to voice their opinion. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a reasonable opinion; it just has to be convincing.

A wild idea sometimes goes viral when somebody posts a video with a convincing argument. That happened with a now-removed video on TikTok regarding a theory that the Titanic never sank. It was viewed more than 11 million times before being removed from the platform.

Photo: Flickr/Jose A. Martinez

Mia Westbrook is the woman who posted the video and said that the Titanic didn’t sink. She claims it was submerged on purpose. Her claim is that “someone” wanted to avoid the costs associated with repairing the ship, so they sent it to the deep.

In the video, Mia says: “I was a Titanic kid, meaning I literally knew every single fact about the Titanic. My a** would sit and watch documentaries for hours and hours and hours. But when I heard this theory, everything like made sense.”

She went on to talk about the British company that built the Titanic, along with the Olympic and the Britannic. The company was one of the more prominent shipping lines worldwide, providing cargo and passengers the ability to get between the United States and the British Empire.

The Britannic was the first to go under the water. It’s believed she struck a mine and sank according to Britannica, but there’s a consirpairy theory that it was actually struck by a German U-boat that sank it intentionally.

Photo: Flickr/Reminiscence Restoration License: CC BY 2.0

Interestingly, the Britannic was very similar to the Titanic, but they were different colors and used for different purposes. In 1915, the Britannic was a hospital ship, so it was white and green. It sank on November 21, 1916, with the loss of 30 people. 1,036 people were able to survive the sinking.

Both the Olympic and Titanic were supposedly identical to each other. According to the Mia’s claim, the Olympic was ready for retirement, so the company had the idea to send the Olympic out while pretending it was the Titanic so they could purposefully sink it and claim insurance money.

Mia went on to say that the company took the Olympic out into the water and sank her so they could get the insurance money. .

According to the theory, only the people who built the Titanic were familiar with the inside of the ship. Mia said that it would have been easy to make the exchange. In her words: “Who would’ve known? No one would’ve known.”

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Enrique L License: CC BY-SA 2.0

To further promote her theory, she discussed some noteworthy individuals who didn’t board the Titanic because they changed their minds at the last minute. This included a banker, who owned the White Star Line, J.P. Morgan. Milton Hershey had paid the deposit but didn’t get on the ship. Instead, he took a German liner, the Amerika, stating that he needed to be at the chocolate factory earlier than expected.

Another factor that Mia brings up is that there were a different number of portholes in the pictures of ships. On the Titanic, there were 14 portholes, and on the Olympic, there were 16. Mia said: “Well magically, by the Grace of God, by the Grace of Jesus, the Titanic had 16 portholes on the side of it the day that it left. They just tack two more on for funsies? No.”

The last point in her argument is that the two boats were nearby, but they didn’t take any action to assist. This included the SS Californian, which may have seen the Titanic but didn’t move into help.

Photo: Flickr/Jose A. Martinez

Two hours after the Titanic sank, the Carpathia moved in to assist survivors. Mia expresses her conviction, saying she’s right, but only some are convinced. Many people in the comments had their own opinions. Some were swayed by what they saw and heard, while others were able to see right through the conspiracy.

While convincing to pedestrians, experts have long since debunked common conspiracy theories surrounding the Titanic, including Mia’s idea that it was swapped for the Olympic. According to the Greek Reporter, conspiracy theories like that were largely disproved after Bob Ballard found and photographed the wreck. However, some people refuse to look at the facts and just want to be right. It just goes to show that you can’t trust everything you hear on TikTok.

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