Man Shares How He Can Tell The Age Of His World Globes Using Historical Geography

As the world has changed, so have globes, making it possible to date them based on the names of cities, countries, etc.

There are certain people who simply amaze us when it comes to all of the knowledge that they have. The way that they can figure things out is enough to make us jealous.

Take the man in this clip, for instance. He is a world geography whiz who has clearly learned more than we are ever going to know on this topic. That’s what makes this such a great watch.


Would you be able to figure out the age of an old globe, strictly based on your knowledge of world geography? We are going to go out on a huge limb and say no. We are right there with you, by the way, absolutely no judgment here. That’s enough about us, though. This is the story of our new friend jakie62.

He knows all about the historical map changes that have taken place over the course of time, making this an easy guess for him. Did he ever stop to think about the rest of us, though? Maybe some of us won’t find this nearly as simple as he did. All jokes aside, you will definitely want to see this one for yourself. The wealth of information that he has is something else.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

jakie62 is well aware of various historical aspects, including names of countries, under what government they reported, and the effect of war. By utilizing all of this info, he is able to pinpoint a globe’s exact date and there are very few exceptions. jakie62 is not the type to act like he knows it all on his own, either.

That’s what makes this video such a fun watch. Outside information is a key component of his knowledge and it is nice to see him willing to share that with the audience. A lot of people would simply pretend that they figured it all out on their own.

Photo: Max Pixel

“I know a lot off by heart and can get a globe down to a 2-5 year range on my own, but I usually have to use Google to get it narrower than that,” he shares. Anyone who would like to have a greater appreciation for all of his hard work is more than welcome to check out the videos below.

“People always ask me if changes to the map happen as often now as they did in the 20th century and this should help answer that!” he says. We can’t wait to learn more! Check out his videos below:


this was a fun one! if anyone has any other idea why Vietnam might be labelled that way lmk #globetok #globedating #antiques #coldwarhistory

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people always ask me if changes to the map happen as often now as they did in the 20th century and this should help answer that! #globetok#globedating

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