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There’s always something extra special about soldiers who’ve sacrificed so much, showcasing their incredible talent for the world to see. This group of soldiers from the Army touched hearts across the nation with this wonderful acapella version of “Amazing Grace.”

This will give you full-body chills, these soldiers are amazing!

Source: YouTube

These soldiers took a short break from defending our freedom, to deliver a breathtaking performance of “Amazing Grace”

At the beginning of the video, you see one soldier sitting in a chair with his comrade behind him. The soldier sitting starts off “Amazing Grace,” and you can tell from the onset that his voice is sensational.

Source: YouTube

The soldier behind the one sitting is also singing, before you hear multiple magical voices come in. You can’t see the other soldiers singing but you can hear the harmony they bring.

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The sound they produce is so elegant and soothing but also brings with it some profound power

All the soldiers are right on cue, with the sitting soldier leading the way. They could seriously start their own group, that’s how phenomenal their sound is.

Source: YouTube

Passion oozes out of the singing soldiers, you can feel their depth as if it’s grabbing you through the screen. Continuing to flawlessly maneuver “Amazing Grace”, their vocal abilities know no bounds.

When the soldier holding the camera changes the angle, you can finally see the faces behind the magnificent voices

The soldier sitting in front of the camera still leads the way, but now you can see many of his comrades in the back round helping keep the melody.

Source: YouTube

At times, the group of soldiers in the back just hum along and the pure sound they create is brilliant. People on social media fell in love with the singing soldiers, with many people being deeply touched by the display from our respected Army.

Source: YouTube

Almost 500k watched the inspiring video on YouTube, with thousands of people leaving comments of admiration

It’s no surprise the soldiers’ graceful voices went viral, who wouldn’t love that sound?! At the time of this writing almost 500k have found their way to the remarkable video, with 55k liking it and thousands leaving comments.

Source: YouTube

“I love this song and when anybody from our US military sings this, especially in uniform, sends chills all up and down my body. Thanks, guys (women and men!) for putting your life on the line to keep us safe. I salute and curtsy all of you,” said one YouTube user.

Source: YouTube

“I had a feeling that the harmonies would come in and when it did it brought me to tears quite immediately…There is something special with singing in unity for me, I always envision a time where the universe and all its people are singing together praising the god of love in wonderful sound,” said another viewer on YouTube.

Source: YouTube

So many soldiers in the Army have talent that is out of this world, thanks to sites like YouTube they can share it with us at the click of a button. Thank you to these soldiers, not only for protecting us everyday but also for sharing their astonishing voices with us. To see the Army soldiers sing “Amazing Grace” watch the video below!

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