Divers Find 22 Shipwrecks Off The Coast Of A Greek Archipelago!

A team of underwater archaeologists made what many are calling the top archaeological find of 2015, when they discovered 22 shipwrecks just off the coast of the Fourni archipelago. Some of the shipwrecks — which were discovered in a 17-square-mile area just off the coast of the Greek islands — date back to the Archaic Period (700-480 B.C.), while more than half are from the Late Roman Period (circa 300-600 A.D.), according to the original report from Discovery News

What’s astounding about this discovery isn’t just the age of the ships, but the variety of the goods they carried. Some of the ships carried cargo that has never been found before, including amphoras (jars that date back to the Archaic period and have different designs/purposes based on their age).

Archaeologists are planning to explore more of the coastline in the future, as they’ve only examined about 5 percent of it so far. Chances are there will be more exciting discoveries to come! Get a closer look at the shipwrecks in the following clip from NewsBeat Social, and find out more about this historic discovery here.

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