How Pink Became the Color for Girls

The color wasn’t always such a part of everyday life for women.

In the 1920s people were on the fence about which colors suited little girls. A survey from 1927 showed that many people thought blue should be for girls since it was such a delicate and soft color. Flash forward to the 1950s and suddenly pink was considered the most girlie color out there. But, it wasn’t always this way. So, what changed?

Via/ Unsplash

Around the turn of the century babies were often dressed in white gowns no matter if they were boys or girls. But, by the 1960s many people came to associate pink with little girls and blue with little boys. This change didn’t happen overnight, but there was one big event that certainly changed how people saw colors. As it turns out the gown that Mamie Eisenhower wore to her husband’s inauguration ball was to have a big impact on how people thought of “ladylike” colors.

See how pink became a girls’ color in the video below.