It was 1947 when Charles asked for Frances’ hand in marriage. Just months later, the two were wed and prepared to spend their very first night together.

They chose a very romantic little hotel named the Poinsett Hotel in Greenville, South Carolina.


Unfortunately, the two weren’t able to take a single photo on that day, but they did have one memento left to remember their amazing time together… a receipt!

Back in 1947, Charles only had to pay $8 for one night. Well, the folks over at Westin, who now own the Poinsett Hotel, got wind of their 68th wedding anniversary and wanted to gift them a little gift… a free night stay back at the place where it all began!

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Here’s the Takeaway: Whether it’s a photograph or a small memento, keep whatever you can to help you remember the important moments in life with your loved ones.