Viral Video Compares The Sizes Of Living And Extinct Animals

It is one thing to realize that dinosaurs are big, it is quite another to see it for yourself.

The good folks at Global Data are here to provide us with an interesting look at animals, both past and present.

If you have ever wondered about the sizes of various creatures, this is the perfect chance to learn more. They have crafted a 3D animation that has to be seen to be believed. That’s because they are comparing the sizes of animals from all aspects of the zoological spectrum.

Photo: YouTube/Global Data

The animals have been arranged in order, from the smallest to the largest. In case you are wondering, the smallest is the tardigrade. As for the largest, that is the Argentinosaurus, which is now extinct. The longest animal? That unique honor goes to the one and only bootlace worm. “In this video we made 3d Comparison of biggest animals and this is true real scale comparison of animals sizes,” the description reads.

This description does not do the video justice, either. It’s the sort of video that you have to see to truly wrap your mind around. Yes, they included plenty of dinosaurs but the true dinosaur lovers are sure to appreciate the extra effort that they put in here.

Photo: YouTube/Global Data

In addition to the size comparison, there is also a paleontological animation that consists entirely of dinosaurs.

They have truly thought of everything here, haven’t they? These comparisons are a lot to take in. It is one thing to realize that these dinosaurs are big, it is quite another to see it for yourself. It’s not like any of us had the chance to appreciate their true scale in person.

Photo: YouTube/Global Data

We have all seen the Jurassic Park movies but sometimes, it is better to take in something that is a bit more educated on the topic. If this is the first video that you have ever seen from Global Data, it is also time to change that. Their channel is chock full of all sorts of amazing videos like this one that will cause you to view the world in a whole new way.

In the meantime, we are going to be watching this one over and over again. If you happen to have children who are obsessed with dinosaurs (and who doesn’t?), this is the perfect video to show them. It’s equal parts entertaining and informative!

You can see even more in the video below:

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