For some the analogy of a ticking clock describes being under pressure, the constant reminder of time that mechanical clocks enforce through sound. But, for others the ticking is a familiar, calming, comforting presence that feels safe and reliable. King Charles III is in the latter camp and described his love of clocks on an episode of The Repair Shop. If you haven’t seen this British show then you should probably remedy that ASAP. The skilled experts on the program tackle broken porcelain, flaking old dolls, and even complex clocks and machinery from bygone eras- restoring them to excellent condition.

King Charles III
Via: Youtube

King Charles III invited some of the crew to examine a broken clock in his Dumfries House estate in Scotland. The mansion was built in the 1750s for the 5th Earl of Dumfries, but was purchased with all the historic furnishings in 2007 with a loan from then-Prince Charles. The consortium that purchased it was headed by the prince as well.

Since then great efforts have been undertaken to preserve the Georgian style furniture and architecture, including some of the ailing clocks that have kept time for the residents for centuries.

Dumfries House exterior
Dumfries House. Via: Billy McCrorie/Wiki Commons

The king described his love of clocks thusly, “I just love the sound…of a tick tock in the distance. But also if they chime and that’s why I love grandfather clocks. It’s rather reassuring in a funny way.” He went on to describe clocks as the “beating heart” of a house.

Via: YouTube

The broken clock in this case dates back to the Victorian era, with engraved brass decorations in a glass and black lacquered case. After the repairs have been made King Charles III visits the workshop in Essex, in the south of the country, where The Repair Shop is usually filmed.

When the king sees the restored clock he exclaims over it, saying, “It just shows, doesn’t it, what a little love and care and attention does.” Watch the video below to see more about this royal restoration and to hear what the delicate clock chimes sound like.

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