Woman Lives Her Everyday Life Like It’s 1939!

Can you imagine giving up your modern conveniences and central air? For Joanna Francis, she’s given them up wholeheartedly in an attempt to live as if it were WWII all over again.

We get to pick and choose which parts of the past we like. An Art Deco chair here or vintage radio there. But then we get to hop on the computer or flip on the TV whenever we want and stay connected to the present day. For Joanna Francis, she doesn’t want part of a life to remain nostalgic, she wants the whole thing. She has spent a decade making her house and her life as authentic to WWII as she can possibly get. She has demolished part of her house to remove the bathroom and now uses an outdoor toilet and takes a bath in a metal wash tub. She dresses authentically and does not own a TV at all. While her home is absolutely lovely, I could not imagine using only a coal fire for heat or giving up my hot showers! While Francis longs for a simpler way of life, she’s not yet found a mate who would be willing to live that way as well. But, I certainly hope she does. Take a peak into her 1939 time-travel home!