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What We Carry In Our Purses Has Changed Over the Years


When she wasn’t wearing them and only if her purse was big enough, a lady might place her gloves in her purse until she needed them again.


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Either tucked into the purse or tied gently around the handle, a scarf was good insurance against hair do damage on a windy day. This kind of formality in appearance died out in the 1960-70s, but the scarves from the golden age of pin curl and bouffant hairstyles were truly beautiful designs!

Rain Hood

If a woman were dedicated to her hairstyle then she might have carried a plastic rain hood around with her just to make sure all that hard work wasn’t simply washed away with the rain.


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There was a time when no woman would be caught in public without an extra hair pin on her (or even some bobby pins). The shorter hairstyles of the 1950s-60s made these less of a daytime worry for most women, though.


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A Key

Many women would have carried one key (their house key) if they didn’t drive, though of course there were exceptions to this.


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For many women, their purses were always light, because being dainty was considered extremely important. And, unlike many women today, they spent a great deal of time at home. Of
course, there were also purses with built-in compartments for every little thing, neatly tucked into one bag. Notice this style below with only a very small little spot for some change at one corner- the rest is all beauty-related!


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If you think this sounds too sparse then consider that up until the late 1800s most women would have only ever carried a small pocket under their skirts as a sort of purse!

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