Music Company Shares How Vinyl Records Are Made

Vinyl records have made a comeback in recent years.

Now that there has been a big resurgence in vinyl record sales, there are a number of people who are looking to learn more about the records themselves.

Statistics have shown that the people who are purchasing them do not even worry about being able to play them most of the time. They are turning into the new posters of this current generation. That’s because people enjoy the look and feel of the records themselves.

Photo: YouTube/WIRED

They make for great decor and they are an awesome way to directly support the artists that we know and love. Now, the good folks at Wired are paying a visit to Third Man Pressing so that we are able to learn more about the process. They are located in Detroit and were more than happy to discuss each step with Wired.

As it turns out, there is a great deal of work that goes into the creation of each vinyl record. Cutting, stamping, pressing, and labeling all have to take place before the records are finally issued to the general public. This is not all that they discussed in this video and we ended up learning a whole lot about the entirety of the process.

Photo: YouTube/WIRED

In fact, they went on to discuss all of the various materials that are utilized when different vinyl records are made. They use a lot of different colors, too. However, one of the engineers lets the audience in on a little secret. We did not know that the colors that are used matter so much but according to them? Nothing will sound quite as good as black.

That makes sense since there had to be a real reason why they were choosing that color on a constant basis. “We press any color you can imagine. All kinds of customs, splits, and eclipses, and all kinds of new concentrates inside of color bases, but nothing really sounds as good as black. The different colors of PVC melt at different temperatures. We need to set the machines to specific temperatures, depending on the color,” the company shares.

Photo: YouTube/WIRED

All of the music lovers out there are certainly going to want to take a moment to check this one out. It is quite an amazing journey and we loved every last second of it.

Check out the video below:

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