Watch An Educational Halloween Safety Demo From 1977

The short film shares Halloween safety tips from 1977 that still apply today.

Centron Educational Films issued this video as a means of warning the world back in 1977. They probably never expected us to be watching it over 40 years later but here we are. There are elements of this video that still hold true today, though.

It is not nearly as outdated as some would like to think. Halloween costumes present no shortage of issues for various children.

Photo: flickr/anjanettew

For example, the witch costume in this clip is a hazard waiting to happen. As the description helpfully advises, “you can watch a reasonably creepy witch costume devolve into an utter wreck of reflective tape and white fabric over the course of 11 minutes.” That has to be a terrifying thought for any parent who is looking to keep their little ones safe this year.

It does not matter how hard we try as parents, there are always additional steps that need to be taken to ensure the safety of our children. If you are willing to take a moment to watch the clip in its full entirety, you just might learn a thing or two.

Photo: flickr/monstersforsale

Who knew that a safety film this old could be this useful? You simply never know where the good advice is going to come from as a parent, so that is why it is important to keep as open of a mind as possible. For us, the video was a spooky watch because we did not expect so much of this advice to carry over into the present day.

We would like to think that we have come so much farther than this, but nope! We are going to be fretting over our children’s Halloween safety for years to come. Whether we are inspecting their candy or making sure that their costumes do not cause any issues, there are no shortage of issues to confront.

Photo: YouTube/Jason Willis

There are also multiple options for anyone who wants to watch. You can either watch the original version or you can watch the one that was made back in 2014. Jason Willis decided to give the video a re-do a few years back, as he decided to set it to the theme from The Munsters.

Check them all out below: