When a group of travelers went on a safari in South Africa, they were in for a very special surprise.

Going on a safari is an incredible experience in and of itself. You get to see gorgeous, majestic creatures in their natural habitat and get a glimpse into their world.

When you visit any foreign country, it’s an opportunity to learn about different cultures and experiences. These tourists got to do just that.

Most people don’t get to see wild elephants on a daily basis, let alone see a wild elephant give birth! It’s definitely a unique experience.

This video reminds us of something out of a movie.

When the mother gives birth to her baby, she is standing, so the new baby simply drops to the ground. It can’t stand up on its own just yet. The other elephants gather around the mother and her baby, and begin trumpeting.

It is a magical thing to witness.

The herd is trumpeting for two reasons. One, they are celebrating their newest member and telling the world how happy they are. Two, they are sending out a warning to anyone nearby that they shouldn’t come any closer.

They seem to sense the tourists’ presence, and we can’t blame them for being a bit worried about them. There are already plenty of stories out there about people interfering with animals’ daily lives when they shouldn’t, probably hoping to get their 10 seconds of fame on social media.

Isn’t this just an incredible moment to be able to see? We can’t imagine how special it was to see this in person.

In the clip below, you get to see this awe-inspiring moment for yourself. We can bet you’ll have a hard time tearing your eyes away from the screen.

The way the herd protects and celebrates their newest member is so sweet — and easy to relate to. A new member of the family is always something to commemorate, and meeting a newborn for the first time is always such a beautiful moment.

Take a look at the video!

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