We Still Have Such Fond Memories of Our First Jobs!

Perhaps you worked one of these jobs as a teen?

Your first job was a badge of honor. It showed that adults trusted you with their stuff or even their children! It was a big deal and we were eager to do a good job. But, we had fun at our first jobs, too.


I can still remember the thrill of finally being old enough to get paid for watching the neighborhood kids. Not only did it mean that you were trusted but that they were going to give you money as well!

Via/ State Archives of Florida

Mowing Lawns

If you loved being outdoors or fiddling with equipment then this job was ok, but it certainly wasn’t for everybody.

Via/ Flickr

Working at the Service Station

Who can forget the familiar ding of the bell when you pulled into a service station back in the old days? If you worked at one then you definitely couldn’t forget.

Via/ Flickr

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