Everyday Family Traditions from the Past That We Remember Fondly!

Everyone in the family had a role to play and jobs to do, but we had fun along the way when we could. We spent so much time with our family growing up, not everyone off in separate rooms!

6) Marking Kids’ Heights

The more kids there were the worse the door frame looked! But, this is such a special family tradition.

7) Kids Doing Chores Every Day

We had chores we had to do which were not optional, including helping with big projects like spring cleaning.

8) Mom Making Costumes

There’s nothing like the hub-bub that making one (or several) costumes creates in the family, but Mom always handled it beautifully.

Family Traditions from the Past

Via/ Flickr

9) Playing Fetch

Back in the day kids were often sent to the store by themselves to fetch something Mom needed.

10) Evening Family Time

Whether it was listening to records or the radio in the evenings, or watching TV or reading together, the family time in the evenings was always especially precious.

Family Traditions from the Past

Via/ Flickr

Those are some of the the everyday traditions we miss from our childhood. What traditions did you have in your family?

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