From the earliest clocks, they were considered prized possessions, worthy of fine casings and dedicated clock attendants. Of course, the delicate nature of each handmade clock required this kind of attention since they can so easily be thrown off their due course by daily use, weather, and age. Even the plainest of mantle clocks were once the pride and joy of those who could afford them.

Buying and maintaining clocks and watches has always been expensive and the same is true today, if you can even find a good repair shop near you. Master horologist (someone who collects and repairs watches and clocks), Grace Szuwala, has owned her shop in New York City for 40 years. And she has seen a steep decline in the number of people who regularly wear wristwatches and pocket watches. As she says, the iPhone has replaced watches for most people. It’s amazing to see her at work in this wonderful video about the dying art of watch repair. And if you’re curious about collecting antique pocket watches then click here for the scoop on these valuable timepieces.