If you are someone who considers yourself to be a Disney fanatic, it is time to learn more about all of the awesomeness that their parks have to offer.

The Disney history channel Park Ride History is one of our favorites on YouTube. They provide us with all sorts of interesting perspectives on aspects of the Disney experience that we did not already know about.

Photo: YouTube/Park Ride History

Today, they have given us the chance to explore the history of the Monsanto House of the Future at Tomorrowland. This is one of the more unique dwellings that you are ever going to lay eyes on. It was constructed back in 1957 and was made entirely out of plastic. From the dishware to the furniture and the exterior of the home, everything was plastic.

The coolest parts, to us, are all of the innovations that were available in this home that we enjoy today. Flat-screen televisions did not exist at the time but this home predicted them, decades in advance. The video doorbell is another common household item that we are all accustomed to in the present day. In 1957, it was hard to fathom such items.

Photo: YouTube/Park Ride History

Disney seems to have succeeded when it comes to its primary objective here. They wanted to create an attraction that would be able to successfully predict the future to come. Near as we can tell, they have passed this test with flying colors.

“Functioning as a walkthrough attraction, the house was meant to represent the future of home design. Utilizing plastic and other man-made materials as its primary building components,” the description reads.

Photo: YouTube/Park Ride History

The house was unable to keep up with the future, though. Ten years after its opening, it closed down. Once it came time to remove this house from the park in question, the process became far more problematic than expected. If only they had prepared for this future issue (sorry we could not help ourselves)!

“The house officially closed its doors in December of 1967 and was said to be removed outright before the new year but as the story goes. The house’s durable nature and solidity from only being made of a few parts made it notoriously difficult to get rid of. It was even said that the wrecking ball the demolition crew brought in just bounced off the side of the house barelys,” the narrator explained.

Photo: YouTube/Park Ride History

What a problem to have!

Check out the video below: