Nothing says I’m old quite like admitting you remember what the sound of a dial-up modem sounds like. The sound can elicit many mixed emotions for those of us old enough to remember early internet connection.

In my household, there was usually a time limit to how often I could spend online since we’d have to unplug the phone. Oh, the good old days.

Photo: flickr/Christiaan Colen

I remember trying to convince my mom to let me stay on “five more minutes” for homework purposes, when really, I was just chatting with friends on the AOL messenger feature.

Every late 90s kid probably has a similar story or memory to share about their own experiences with dial-up modems.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

I’m sure that these memories would probably be triggered by a particular sound. In fact, Retrocet compiled a little trip down memory lane for us Millennials by putting together a nostalgic mix of all the different dial-up modem sounds that range in speeds from 300 bps to 56K.

They’re sounds that only certain generations will understand, and they’ll probably be a nostalgic listen for many.

Photo: YouTube/Retrocet

As Retrocet explained, “The sound of dial-up at some of the most common speeds, including 300, 1200, 2400, 9600, 14,400, 33,600, and 56K. As noted in the video, the sound of a V.34 connection at either 28,800 and 33,600 will be the same, and both were common around the same time, so I’ve only included the 33,600 connection.”

Watch the video below:

What were your memories of early internet connections? Do you get nostalgic when you hear an old dial up modem sound? Let us know!

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