This Chubby Checker classic was a follow-up to the classic “The Twist” from 1960 and the dance was so much fun to do! The Pony was one of the fad dances that swept the nation in the early ’60s. Chubby Checker’s song “Pony Time” from 1961 made it to #1 on the charts that year, in addition to a few other songs that were either covers or mentioned the Pony dance.

Some have offered the idea that the Gangnam Style dance would have gone no where had it not been for the Pony dance in the video. Who can say for sure? But, we do know that we love Chubby Checker’s “Pony Time” and seeing the dancers get their groove on. Have a look in the video below. And, if you want to keep on moving then click here for one of the grooviest songs of the ’60s from The Flirtations.