The ocean currents are quite fascinating. You can drop a message in a bottle on one side of the world, only to have it turn up on a completely different part of the globe.

This can happen after several months or even years. And that is precisely what happened for former high school students in Japan.

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According to KCRA, there was a glass bottle with a message inside that dated all the way back to 1984. It finally resurfaced 37 years later in Hawaii.

Back in 1984, high school students in Japan were partaking in a class experiment. They wrote out messages and then placed them into glass bottles and dropped them into the ocean. It took 37 years, but one of them turned up on the Hawaiian coast where a 9-year-old girl found it.

Photo: Pixabay/marinas32

The message that was written inside was titled, “Ocean current investigation.” It was later placed into the Kuroshio Current which is near the Miyajima Island in Western Japan. It was all a part of a school project to learn more about ocean currents.

Even though the message inside was dated as far back as July 1984, it still had pretty current instructions. The message asked the finder of the bottle to please return it to the Choshi High School.

The young girl who found it was 9-year-old Abbie Graham. She was on a family vacation close to the beach in Hilo, Hawaii. The amazing thing is that the bottle made a journey of almost 4,350 miles.


KCRA reported that the Choshi High School later released a statement saying that the school released 450 bottles in 1984 and 300 more in 1985 – all a part of ocean current research. There were about 51 bottles to be returned in relation to the project, however, this is the first one to be found since 2002!

The areas where some of the other bottles turned up were Washington state, Canada, the Philippines, and the Marshall Islands, which are located in the central Pacific.