This 78-Year-Old Woman’s Sultry Makeover Is Breaking The Internet

There’s no reason to say goodbye to your looks upon reaching your “Golden Years.”

This story originally appeared at American Web Media.

There’s no reason to say goodbye to your looks upon reaching your Golden Years. This 78-year-old Minneapolis woman is proof.

Joann Hopkins has always loved wearing makeup because it makes her feel younger, youthful, and highlights her face’s best features. Hopkins loves make-up so much she doesn’t even wash it off at night — lest a loved one happens to see her unpainted face. Instead, she simply washes and reapplies her face every morning.

This runs counter to what dermatologists general recommendations because wearing makeup overnight can lead to clogged pores, acne, and premature wrinkling. However, Hopkins is almost 80! At this point, she’s not overly concerned with changing her routine.

Sometimes, seniors worry that looking fashionable or overly made-up will invite judgement from others, who believe elders should just “be who they are.” Hopkins, however, isn’t one of those people. At almost 80 years old, she also doesn’t really care what other people think.

Hopkins’ decades of makeup artistry has even inspired her children, one of whom you might recognize from TV. “This is what I watched every day growing up, and it still fascinates me,” said Hopkin’s son, Christopher, aka The Makeover Guy, whose popular TV program is acclaimed for making participants look decades younger.

“You can tell where I get my inspiration,” he said. “I will always see her as she appears after.”

So when Christopher Hopkins recently invited Mom onto his show, the Internet went wild. You can see why in the video below!