Watch This Brilliant Actress As a Model Before She Was Famous

She is so elegant as a model! No wonder she became such a big star.

We all love seeing our favorite stars before they really hit it big. Audrey Hepburn was well-known to have danced ballet before she became an actress, but she also modeled. For fashion shows, film clips, and advertising campaigns, Audrey Hepburn was an ideal model due to her impish face and charming demeanor. Her consistently slim figure also made her a great fashion model, though many have speculated that the hardship and starvation Hepburn endured during WWII was to blame. Regardless, she was an enchanting figure who captured our imaginations with her composure and elegant good looks. Watch her in this clip modeling an unusual (and rather elfish) outfit and headdress that might have been worn for a posh night out back in the day. Have a look at this interesting vintage fashion show video below. And for more Audrey, check out this classic clip!