What Started Out As Urban Exploration Became a Memorial

Any time we come across something old, we have to wonder about its previous owners. For one urban explorer, this curiosity led him to find out more about the lives of the former-owners of this time capsule home. What he discovered was truly special.

There’s something very moving about seeing an abandoned house with the belongings still in it, like a snapshot of who lived there. This incomplete picture leads us to try to fill in the missing gaps. We imagine what their lives were like. For this urban explorer, YouTuber Urbex US, the story was much more complex than that. Curious about the former residents, Chancey and Florence, he did some research and found out who they were. He talked with neighbors about their lives and made a connection that gave new focus to his exploring.

Via/ YouTube

This Art Deco chair and tapestry are literally dusty old things.

Via/ YouTube

The decals on this old Singer are always lovely to see. They certainly don’t make beautiful sewing machines like this anymore.

Via/ YouTube

Stacks and stacks of player piano roll with some great old songs. How long has it been since you heard the “Beer Barrel Polka” or the “Old Lamp-lighter”?

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