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8 Surprising Facts You Might Not Have Known About Bonnie and Clyde

Their story is one of the most curious in American history. An unmarried couple goes on a crime spree that leaves more than a dozen people dead, unleashed 5 escaped convicts, and tens of thousands of dollars unaccounted for. And yet- the country secretly rooted for them. The charismatic duo symbolized a rebellious spirit that sought a better life than most of the poverty-stricken population could hope to attain. Even if you also have a soft spot for these two, we bet there are a few facts about their short lives that you might not have known.

8) Clyde’s middle name was Chestnut

The infamous criminal was also known as Clyde “Champion” Barrow.

8 Surprising Facts About Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde posing together. Via/ Wiki Commons

7) The gang was larger than just Bonnie & Clyde

The Barrow Gang consisted of Marvin Ivan “Buck” Barrow and his wife, Blanche, as well a revolving cast of young male criminals, some of whom were part of the jail break at Eastham that Clyde committed in 1934.

8 Surprising Facts About Bonnie and Clyde

Barrow Gang member W.D. Jones posing with various of the gang’s guns. Via/ Wiki Commons

6) Bonnie had been a waitress

Before becoming a murdering bank robber, Bonnie Parker had been a waitress in a local Dallas cafe.

5) Clyde was missing part of his foot

Already a wanted criminal by the time he met Bonnie, he was so lovesick after being imprisoned that he cut off part of his foot in order to at least have the possibility of parole. But, Clyde also wanted to escape his Eastham prison, a loathsome place rife with abuse and back-breaking work.

8 Surprising Facts About Bonnie and Clyde

Clyde’s mugshot. Via/ Wiki Commons

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