8 More Vintage Fashions That Are Making Comebacks Today

You may have seen your parents or grandparents wearing these designs and these styles are definitely back again!

If you loved a certain look, chances are that it will come back in style eventually. While we may not see the corset or the bustle come back anytime soon, there are some trends which our parents and grandparents wore which are definitely enjoying revivals right now. Have a look at 8 fashion trends that are making comebacks today.

8) Turbans

A nod to the East in silent film and early photography, the turban caught on in the first half of the 20th as a grande dame actress’ accessory. But, the more glamorous average woman could also been seen in this functional headdress. Snoods, scarfs, hairnets, and all manner of hair accessories were common on both factory floors and in the kitchen to keep hair out of the way. The turban is the only one of these to be enjoying another dance with popularity at the moment.

Wiki Commons

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