Occasionally during our research, we come across a story that just warms our hearts. Here are eight of our favorite antique-related stories that have changed lives. And while we never chase antiques looking for a quick buck, it’s nice to know that sometimes good things happen to good people.

1. This Plate Hung Above Her Stove For 40 Years Collecting Grease

Picasso Plate

The owner of this decorative plate, purchased in 1970, hung it above her stove collecting grease for nearly 40 years, until one day she was in an art gallery and saw a design similar to the one on her plate. Click here to see what she learned!


2. This Beautiful Sampler Contained A Hidden Message

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 2.01.02 PM

Talk about sentimental value! When the owner of this New Jersey sampler’s 3-year-old son accidentally broke the floated glass that was containing the sampler, she discovered a hidden message from 1825! Click here to see what it says.

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3. While Watching Antiques Roadshow, One Man Has A Realization That Changes His Life

Navajo Blanket

After the amputation and prosthetic leg and foot, L.T. was struggling to barely get by with a small disability check. He was in dire need of a miracle and that’s when he came across a very rare, First Phase Chief Navajo blanket. Find out what happened next here.

4. This Vintage Sewing Machine Is Beautiful, But What They Found Inside Is The Real Treasure!


While searching the drawers, she found some really cool items: old sewing patterns, scissors, patches…but it was something she found stuck behind one of the drawers that really surprised her. Click here to see what it was!

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