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Here’s Proof That With A Little Luck and A Lot of Heart, Antiques Can Change Your Life.

5. Instead Of Rent Money, His Friend Gave Him An Old Vase. If Only He Knew!


The owner of this vase accepted it as payment from a friend whom he let stay with him, in lieu of cash. Well, that vase turned out to be an antique piece worth quite a bit, as you’ll see here.

6. This Veteran Has The Best Reaction When He Finds Out How Much His Watch Is Worth

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 2.17.05 PM

An Army veteran received the surprise of his life when his prized Rolex was appraised at more than 500 times what he paid for it. Click here for his reaction when he hears the news.

7. While Watching Antiques Roadshow, She Realized Something Big About Her 40 Year Old Painting!


The owner of this 1959 Édouard Cortès oil painting was actually watching an episode of Antiques Roadshow when she made a realization that proved valuable. How valuable? Click here to find out!

8. He Bought A Dresser At An Estate Sale, And Was Shocked At What He Found Inside.

dresser treasure

The best part is what he did with what he found! See what happens here.

The beautiful thing about antiques is the stories that come with them. Sometimes, the best stories involve figuring out what exactly an antique does! Such is the case for the following 7 items… how many can you correctly identify? Click the NEXT PAGE button to test your knowledge!

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