Letter Written 68 Years Ago Finally Makes It To The Recipient

The letter was lost in the mail 68 years ago, but it finally arrived in the right mailbox.

We sometimes complain about the mail being a little on the slow side. Admittedly, getting a letter from thousands of miles away in a matter of a day or two is really nothing to complain about, but there are times when delays happen.

Of course, we would never expect the delay to span decades but that’s exactly what happened in Minnesota. It seems as if a letter was late getting to a recipient but it did arrive 68 years later and it landed in the right mailbox.

Photo: Pixabay/Sabine van Erp

The letter showed up in Susan Nordin’s mailbox one day and the date was only five years after the house was built. Considering the house was built in 1948, it was a mystery. That is when Nordin turned to Facebook for help.

Speaking with Scripps National News, she said: “Being able to use the communication we have now, we were able to track it down within two days, where it should go, and that’s incredible.”

Photo: YouTube/Scripps National News

It wasn’t long before she was able to get in touch with the granddaughter of Bette Nelson, Connie Anderholm.

When she received the letter, she said: “It was kinda nice. I remember when my grandmother passed, my mother inherited the house, she sold it, and then I thought, well, that’s the end of an era.”

Photo: YouTube/Scripps National News

The letter was a personal note about the birth of Connie’s brother Jim while their father was serving in Germany in the Armed Forces. Jim had recently died, so she considers it to be a Christmas gift.

She said: “We were still licking our wounds from his loss, and it’ll be a nice piece of family history. I’m sure the letter won’t get lost again.”