During the past year, many of us have reverted to wearing pajamas, leggings, and loungewear whenever possible. The more formal may opt for a regal pair of sweatpants. But, for one lady living in Tulsa, Oklahoma, her standard of dress remained impeccable for the entire year. Every Sunday Dr. Laverne Wimberly, at a spry 82-years-old, dressed to the nines for Sunday services held by the Metropolitan Baptist Church via Zoom. Dr. Wimberly then snapped photos of her amazing ensembles and posted them each week to social media along with a quote that inspired her.

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Dr. Wimberly’s outfits were always elegant and included gorgeous hats that coordinated with her look, as well as jewelry to compliment the color schemes she chose. She never missed a Sunday and apparently doesn’t believe in letting standards slip.

After the announcement back in 2020 that services were to be held remotely due to the pandemic, Dr. Wimberly took it on herself to dress as nicely as she would if she were inside the church like normal. She said, “I just decided at that point I’m just going to get dressed as if I was going to church, so I would not get into the habit of just slouching around.”

Story out of Tulsa, OK made me smile…Metropolitan Church member Dr. Laverne Wimberly hasn’t missed Sunday service…

Posted by Joel Brown WTVD on Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Dr. Wimberly’s attention to detail and dedication to her faith are clear in how she chose her outfits. She later said in an interview that she wanted to keep people looking on the bright side, “I wanted not only to keep myself motivated, but I wanted to help keep others motivated as well, to inspire them, encourage them, and kind of eradicate some types and forms of depression, isolation, fear and despair.”

She said she wanted to dress up for her own mental health as well as to stay connected to fellow churchgoers. The former principal and school administrator has a strong sense of community and has been a role model for generations of people who have known her.

Dr. Laverne Wimberly
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Minister of Worship, Merton Huff, said that seeing Dr. Wimberly all dressed up made his kids dress up for Sunday services as well.

For the moment remote worship is still the way churchgoers attend services at Metropolitan, but Dr. Wimberly says that she’ll probably be the first in line when her church does reopen safely for in-person church meetings.

You can see more of her lovely outfits and her words of inspiration in the video below.