This millennial dad showed off his time-capsule to his daughter and the early 2000s devices have been getting a lot of laughs.

Some readers are sure to feel ancient, while others are definitely going to find this one hilarious. This dad posts on TikTok under the name @fernandez_fam and this clip has already received over half a million views.

Photo: TikTok/@fernandez_fam

The video begins with this dad and his daughter hanging out as he prepares to show her all of the gadgets that he used to have way back when. “My dad wanted to show all of his millennial goodies from back in the day,” the daughter shares in the clip.

Dad refers to this as a “capsule,” which he keeps inside of a Nike shoe box. In addition to a flip phone, he also shows his daughter one of his old CD booklets. In the age of streaming, this is a definite blast from the past. We also got a kick out of his Nokia cellphone and the pager that he showcased.

Photo: TikTok/@fernandez_fam

The T-Mobile Sidekick was the hottest phone you could have at one point in time. We wish that more phones were able to slide like this one.

The dad even asked his daughter if she knows how to use a pager, which led to a very humorous exchange. “If I was talking to a girl … it’d be like, ‘Oh, she’s thinking about me,’” he said. “So I’d run to a payphone or a landline — do you know what a landline is?”

Photo: TikTok/@fernandez_fam

Of course, when he asks if she knows what a landline is, she says that she forgot.

We look forward to seeing which gadgets of today end up looking this outdated later on!

Check out the clip below:


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