Artist Uses Color Restoration And AI Technology To Bring 19th Century Photos To Life

The colorized portraits not only look vibrant and life-like, but they move!

Lorenzo Folli and Olga Shirnina of Mystery Scoop are here to blow your mind. You won’t believe what you are about to see until you take a moment to check it out for yourself.

They’ve created a compilation unlike any others that you may have seen in the past. They are putting a whole new spin on these 19th-century photos. You are never going to look at any of them in the same way ever again.

Photo: YouTube/Mystery Scoop
Photo: YouTube/Mystery Scoop

These portraits have been digitally restored and artificial intelligence software was used. These changes are shown to the audience in a very subtle manner. The camera lingers on each of the images and we get to watch them slowly unfold.

“We’ve gathered a collection of 19th-century portraits that appear to come to life as they glide across your screen. The portraits were given a quick restoration, colorization and some facial motion, using some of the latest tools in AI technology,” they shared on YouTube.

Photo: YouTube/Mystery Scoop

These are the types of videos that may have you looking at our history in a whole new light. We are going to be honest, we have not spent much time thinking about these historical figures.

All it takes is someone with a new perspective to change the way that you look at something, though. These videos are the surest proof of that concept.

Photo: YouTube/Mystery Scoop

If only everyone could make history come to life like this, we might feel differently about it. This was such an entertaining watch.

If anything, we hope that the response to these videos will inspire them to keep making clips like these in the future.

They are almost spellbinding in a way, aren’t they? These are the types of clips that are sure to make you wonder why no one else has thought of this tactic before.

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