If you’ve been to this blog before, you’re probably well aware that we’re huge fans of the music from back in the day. Whether it’s the chart toppers, the variety show standouts, or the theme songs to our favorite TV shows, we always like to reminisce about this unrivaled-era of music. So, we decided to look up some of the best one hit wonders of the ’60s. These artists may be long gone, but they’re certainly not forgotten in our hearts!

1969: “Na Na Hey hey Kiss Him Goodbye,” by Steam– Making its way to number one on the pop charts late in 1969 is the famed anthem to telling someone sayonara. While Steam may have fizzled out shortly after their brief time at the top, the legacy of this song lives on in pop culture to this day; you’re likely to hear it at a sports event or in a commercial.

1968: “Harper Valley PTA,” By Jeannie C. Riley– It was a tough choice between the two chart-topping one hit wonders from this year (“Green Tambourine,” by The Lemon Pipers being the other), but we just had to include Jeannie C. Riley’s hit about Mrs. Johnson — the widowed-wife who’s daughter came home with a fateful note — and her response to those “Harper Valley hypocrites!” The song reached number one on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the U.S. Hot Country Singles charts, making Riley the first female to accomplish such a feat with the same song.

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