13 of the Most Fashionable People Throughout History – They Had Real Style

We’re still influenced by these larger-than-life fashionistas!

5) Jenny Lind

In the middle of the 19th century, the opera singer Jenny Lind was hugely popular, not just for her stunning voice, but her taste in fashion. The photograph below shows her sitting on a chair with carved spindles, a style that would become synonymous with her name and which was a favorite of President Abraham Lincoln.

Via/ Wiki Commons

6) Mary Todd Lincoln

And peaking of the Lincolns – First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln was always dressed impeccably. Notice the matched bracelets and elaborate headdress? Those were a common theme for her, indicating her supreme good taste.

Via/ Library of Congress

7) Countess of Castiglione

Mistress to Emperor Napoleon III, the Countess of Castiglione was a trend-setter of 19th century Europe, engaging in photography sessions which showcased her unique fashion sense and bared her arms and legs.

Via/ Wiki Commons

8) Oscar Wilde

The author of worldwide fame is seen below in 1882 donning a trimmed velvet suit and silk stockings! Wilde was known for his taste and was even editor of a ladies fashion magazine in the 1880s!

Via/ Wiki Commons

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