13 of the Most Fashionable People Throughout History – They Had Real Style

We’re still influenced by these larger-than-life fashionistas!

History has many great muses, but some of the most fashionable definitely left their mark on the world, evident in the brands we wear and terminology we use today. These 13 fashionable folks throughout history certainly knew how to dress!

1) Isabella d’Este

Along with her sister, Beatrice, Isabella d’Este was considered extremely fashionable, a rarity in conservative medieval Europe. She commissioned many portraits from well-known artists of the day, like the sketch below from Leonardo Da Vinci. Isabella is considered a strong candidate for the model of the painting we know as the Mona Lisa.

Via/ Wiki Commons

2) Marie Antoinette

A more famous fashion plate you’d be hard pressed to find. From her jewels to her hair to her exquisite clothing, Marie Antoinette took great pride in exhibiting her taste and wealth, to her discredit.

Via/ Wiki Commons

3) Madame de Pompadour

If you’re thinking this is where we get the name of the hairstyle from then you are correct! As a court favorite during the time of King Louis XV in France, Madame de Pompadour’s hairstyle made waves in the fashion world – not an easy feat in such a fashionable time!

Via/ Wiki Commons

4) John Hancock

While his style was void of filigree adornments or foppish dandyisms, John Hancock was said to have always been exquisitely dressed in rich colors.

Via/ Wiki Commons

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