10 Unforgettable Moments In Team USA Figure Skating History

How many of these Olympic moments do you remember?

3. 1968 Grenoble, France. The first colorized broadcast of the Olympic games showed Peggy Fleming in her bright green outfit and her gold-medal winning performance. Fleming’s coach was one of those killed in the horrific plane crash in 1961, and many wondered how the USA figure skating team would be able to recover from such a devastating loss. Peggy Fleming rose to the occasion in 1968, initiating a comeback for Team USA in figure skating. Peggy Fleming remains a prominent figure in USA Figure Skating.

4. 1976 Innsbruck, Austria. Dorothy Hamill not only won gold, but her haircut became a trend. Her poise and grace at such a young age, and on such a big stage, impressed all who watched her skate. Like so many successful athletes, Hamill was fiercely determined to succeed and committed herself to success. She went on to skate with Ice Capades, and even performed as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.