10 Fond Memories From Dinner Tables Past

If you grew up in the ’50s, ’60s or ’70s, chances are this will bring back a lot of memories!

Think back to what your life was like growing up; where did most of your memories occur? For many of us, several of the best memories took place at the dinner table. Family dinner was a place where you could come together with your parents and siblings and unwind from the day. Sharing laughs over mom’s delicious home-cooked meals, listening to dad’s cheesy jokes, and just being together as a family without distractions was something many of us cherished. Unfortunately, many of the traditions of family dinner that we grew up with don’t happen very often these days (if they happen at all).

We decided to look back at some of our most vivid memories of family dinner and come up with a list of things you just don’t see very much any more. If you grew up in the ’50s, ’60s or ’70s, chances are this will bring back a lot of memories! Some of you might still carry on a few of these happier traditions. And while we miss some of these ideas more than others, it’s always fun to reminisce on how things were, and to notice how much things have changed.

Setting The Dinner Table Before Each Meal

As kids, many of us had a chore list that included several household duties, one of which was setting the table each night! It was always fun to feel included in helping prepare dinner. Many of you probably still do this for special occasions, but we used to do it for every meal.

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Placemats At Every Setting

Of course, setting the table wasn’t just about putting out the proper silverware, plates, and glasses. Each member of the family had their own placemat, and there was always a clean tablecloth covering the table. Often times these placemats were handmade by mom, and were beautiful, lace doilies or fun crocheted patterns.

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