Did You Know These 10 Great Songs Began As B-Sides?

We decided to celebrate the B-side in all its glory!

When it comes to music, one term you don’t hear much these days is B-side. Before the advent of CDs and MP3s, tape cassettes and records would have content featured on both sides of the physical product. The topside of the album, commonly known as the A-side, typically included the songs record companies intended to be highly promoted and become hits. The B-side, however, was a secondary recording that was used for a number of purposes.

For the most part, B-side songs were intended to add value to a record. Occasionally a B-side might feature the second part of a song that was too long for radio broadcast (such as Don McLean’s “American Pie”). In such cases, the song would be broken into two parts, with the A-side version receiving more radio play. Every now and then, however, a song featured on an album’s B-side would actually turn out to be more famous and more successful than the A-side. So we decided to celebrate the B-side in all its glory; here are 10 of the greatest songs ever featured on an album’s B-side.

10. “Maggie May,” By Rod Stewart (1971)

The A-side: “Reason to Believe.”

9. “I’ll Be Around,” By The Spinners (1972)

The A-side: “How Could I Let You Get Away.”

8. “Green Onions,” By Booker T. & The M.G.’s (1962)

The A-side: “Behave Yourself.”

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