If You Had This Hair in School Get Ready for a Stroll Down Memory Lane

The bouffant and French twist, styles which had already seen some action in the 1950s, got quite the life from a beehive-esque interpretation (and a lot of back combing). Despite the fact that these voluminous styles are so distinctly ’60s they still endure as hairdos for formal occasions – when something truly breath-taking and elegant is required.

Doris Day knew how to work some big hair. Via/ Wiki Commons

Miss Iceland, Anna Geirsdottir, 1962. Via/ State Archives of Florida

Jackie Kennedy in 1961. Via/ JFK Presidential Library

England, 1963. Via/ JFK Presidential Library

Lady Bird Johnson. Via/ Wiki Commons

L-R: Larry Mathis, Dolly Parton, and Bud Brewster. Via/ Wiki Commons

Tallahassee, 1969. Via/ State Archives of Florida

The Ronettes, 1962. Via/ Wiki Commons

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