Most of us wish we could bowl better than we do. Despite spending a lot of time at the lanes, there are some tricks that professional bowlers use that the average person probably won’t figure out on their own. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly makes pro bowlers so darned good then you need to see what they see: hidden patterns on the lanes that give them an edge in their game.

The patterns aren’t in the wooden boards as you might think, but they are on the wood. Years ago before lanes were coated in high tech polyurethanes, they were coated in oil to make them slick and protect them. Over time, seasoned bowlers began to notice that the oil would wear off as the day passed. The patterns left by the balls removing the oil are a great help to the pros because they can guide the ball to the center pins with the help of the slick oil. And all you lefty bowlers out there- there’s a great trick in here for you!

Watch the video below to find out more about these secret patterns and how to use them!

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